for those who can't get over DINGS, i have a philosophy to help out!

i own about 10 hi ends, all dinged ( the last two being a HOT and an anglamcc)
i got over how it made me feel bad each time my throws got dinged , he’re the idea:

(read if you care about dings on your throws at all, skip this discussion if you’re already over dinging your throw)

picture your yoyo in it’s former state, the raw state, it’s silver, just raw metal, that’s the colors of dings,
when you think about it that way, dings don’t even affect performance nor the color of your throw (when it spins the color blends with the dings making them invisible) !

each dings get your yoyo closer to it’s original form. you’re not losing any perfection along the way, just making your yoyo grow with you. yes…like pokemon…or digimon, whatever helps you sleep at night.

dings don’t make your throw any less perfect since they’re only getting it closer to its former state, a raw shaped metal material. if you think about it color is pretty accessory and doesn’t really matter, you’re not buying a color when you purchase a yoyo, but you’re buying the awesome performance the throw has to offer. AND THAT PERFORMANCE DOESN’T DEGRADE WITH DINGS!

still not convinced? take your newly dinged throw you’re depressed about, make it spin…don’t bind just yet, just look at it: how is it any different from it’s glory state in witch you received it? if you think about it like that,dings become so unimportant you’ll wonder why you were ruining your spin times worrying about them. now go throw at school or something!

heck, i just dinged my HOT on my metal belt twice in the same day…lol

helped me out, hope some others are relieved, if not i hope you did get a good laugh (cause i’m pretty sure i sounded like a complete retard to those already over with worrying about dings.) XD


Or just have it refinished and get something that no one else will.

I think dings affect the shape. Scratches are the ones that just chip paint. I’m not sure 'though.

scratches/dings => when you hear ding cause it hits the ground

be it on the surface or deep it’s a ding

Oh… so what’s the difference between a scratch and a ding?

i don’t make any difference as both take off paint, the “ding” you speak of is an inward injury to the metal, takes off the ano and goes in deep, the “scratch” is lighter and doesn’t penetrate the metal, look at the ^pic in the post.

in any case the yoyo has just hit the ground, it’s a ding. ding’s a ding. and that imperfection is the subject of the thread

A scratch is when lets say you have a knife and run it over the yoyo. or you can walk the dog on like tile.

Ok. BTW, i guess a plastic “ding” is a nick.

The one in your picture is a scuff, not a ding :wink:,59758.15.html

A ding is a dent. Plastic can get small dents. If the plastic chips off, it’s a nick.

Ding or dent usually carries along the fact with it that there is an “inward” deformation of some sort.

Scrap or burn is usually a flat spot where the ano or coating may be removed.

Scratch IMO is somewhere in between those two.

Vibe, thats how it affects it.