that first ding or scuff..

I’m not the only one that like dies when a new yoyo gets it’s first scuff or ding, right?
I was yoyoing in line at costco, and they have concrete floors. Well… I threw my g5 that I got on friday, and my arms was slightlyyy too low, and I hear it hit the floor. :frowning:
There’s a small scuff on the rim now. :confused:

That’s usually the way I decide what yoyo to carry around with me. Most never leave the house. But once they have a scuff, then I take them everywhere. Kinda gives them their FREEDOM.

yeah, i usesally play my metals on carpet and my plastics on rough terrain, but that still doesn’t mean i don’t take care of them

when it’s a rare throw I get pissed for a few seconds, like when I dinged my pre pro pacquiao yesterday (man…)

but I know once I dinged it, it’s gonna stay with me until it or I die, and I also know that from then on, I’m gonna play it like crazy.

basically, it’s like a birth, it hurts but when it’s done, it means I’ll stick with the throw, it’s officially mine and I’m never gonna trade it, ever

there’s no point in staying angry as it won’t “unding” the throw anyways

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okay i have not researched this at all but it is a possible solution, when i dinged my Phenom which hurt like a bitch my dad said he could possibly fix it with something called polsish filler. i dont know what it is and dont know what it does but he said it he might be able to fix it with that but other wise im just giving an idea or option

I would imagine that putting extra material into the rim of the yoyo would cause it to spin unevenly. Unless it is chipped. But there’s still the same amount of matrial if it’s dented, which still effects the spin but I wouldn’t think it would be a drastic change.

The first ding just opens up the doorway to even more dings and love.

I love the first ding.

When I play them on the carpet, it doesn’t get them any safer. Wanna know why?

I learned this winder thing that undoes your string tension easy and fast. But very fast.
I did it on any terrain, and I’ve had 3 times, the yoyo fell of the string. Like I am on sidewalk cement with a metal yoyo and a yoyo spinning REALLY fast just running across the sidewalk. Thats EXACTLY like walk the dog on sidewalk cement.

Umm… Dings. ;D That first one REALLY hurts! I find that that first ding is like a Medal of Honor, signifing that it’s mine and mine only. It also shows that you’ve actually PLAYED with it.

Look on the bright side; If someone gets your throw and somebody elses mixed up, you can instantly point out which one is yours via the dent.

First ding just give me bad mood.

I. nunchucking. hate. dings. even after the 50th ding… it STILL hurts to ding it.

seems like “nunchuck” is the new yoyo community official swear word

dings are like scars, you have to live with em, but eventually, each of them come with a story.

I found out when I ding an expensive and/or rare throw, I keep from it for a few days, I can not play it right after and have to wait until the “grief” is over, then I play it like I stole it.

the thing I hate is when OTHERS ding my throws, and it happens ALL THE TIME. I know I NEVER play someone else’s throw over hard surfaces until specified that the owner doesn’t care for dings on this throw.

dinging our own throws is one thing but I’d hate it if I were to ding someone else’s.

agreed hadoq

although, nunchuck isnt really new, some people (like myself) brought it over from yyn, whose filter automatically replaces some words with nunchuck :smiley:

my dm2 is dinged up from letting others use it.

haha, reminds me on an old forum I did where I replaced the word “cool” by “shiny” (old nerds like me will understand)

Man, I miss Firefly.

That happens to me. I like DIE when I ding a yoyo, but I havnt in a long time.

I rutting love that goram show.  If you don’t beleive me check out my hat.

I’m nunchucking jealous of your hat. :open_mouth:
and that show was amazing

man you got THE hat !!!

When I got my Yuuksta I promised myself I would only play with it over carpet so it wouldn’t get dinged up. It worked for a few weeks, but then I threw a strong breakaway one time, the string broke near the bottom and my precious Yuuksta had its first scuff/ding by hitting a wall. :’(