that first ding or scuff..

My mom made it for me too so it is bona-Fide.

Yeah, honestly I hate dings. JUST for the fact that i play differantly with a yoyo then I want when I first get it. When ever I get a new yoyo I only use it in a moon bounce completely covered in bubble wrap made from feathers.


I always yoyo over grass, carpet ect. and have a special yoyo for over hard ground (yyj atmosphere)

I’ve gotten to the point where I realize it’s just a toy. When I dinged my then mint avalanche, I honestly didn’t really care. It’s a toy, and toys get damaged eventually. As one of the people above me said, Just deal with it.

I worry at first, but if no real play has been sacrificed, who cares?

Ha, it’s funny how I dinged my Raptor and I came so close to death. Now, I can’t beleive that I don’t even care if my Raptor is “BAAANNNNGGG” on the floor. But it’s because it doesn’t affect play.

if i were to ding one of my more expensive throws it does make me a little irritated that i spent 90 bucks on this and now it looks like a c grade. if i scratch my yoyo yeah im a little mad but i can deal with it

i try not to ding, but after a few dings, it doesnt matter

when i first started yo yoin’, and buyin’ new releases - dings would bother me quite a bit.

however, over time - dings became less and less a bother. eventually it became more ‘bout yo yoin’ and not so much yo yos…for me.

if you’re a collector of yo yos, i can understand the condition bein’ very important. but then i ask myself - if i’m collectin’ ‘em, why am i throwin’ 'em? you can’t be both to an extreme.

all good dings in time, i say. yo yos were meant to be played, and w/ play comes dings. intentional or not, it’s all part of the game.

take that ding as motivation to learn somethin’ new in yo yoin’. this is how i feel, anyway…