Does dings affect a metall high end yoyo like dm?

Funny you should ask. I was just about to post a thread somewhat like this. Not too much. I’ll post a picture of mine later tonight. Mine has a LOT of dings in it.

It depends.
If you mean visually, then yes.
Performance wise, yes and no. If you get a lot of dings, you might get a wobble (but my M1 is beat and it doesn’t have one). Also, the dings can become sharp and hurt to palm/arm grind on.
Just try not to get dings, and if you do, you can always tune your yoyo.

I got some scratches in my M1 after my “unleash the dog”:
As you can see I got some nicks in it, but I really don’t grinf that much so it’s no big deal. And if I want to, i can smoothen them out with a nailfile or something.

High end metal like the DM? Ummmm…

Yeah I thought about that too. The DM sin’t really a high end METAL. It’s a YYJ bi-metal. It is a good yoyo, but it’s not a metal.

Im my experience, gettting a couple of dings in bi-metal YYJ’s sometimes give it a little vibe. However, I remember not screwing back together my M1 all the way, and it came apart during play over tile, I got a few dings, still dead smooth. Now look at my M1, and 888. They are both VERY beat up, and are my favorites :wink:


The ones on my 888 are hard to see:

So how would you tune it if it has a vibe

(The Beginner Ask’s)
What is “DING”

Yep, it’s when the yo-yo hits something it isn’t supposed to. The wall, the floor, your mom’s expensive vase, that sort of thing.

Very bad cosmetically for yo-yos. Can be really nasty if you warp metal or bend an axle. Any warp in the metal, whether you can see it or not, is going to throw your balance off. Wobble city. A bent axle will be obvious. You’ll be replacing it soon, I guarantee.

keep in mind though thatjust cause your yoyo may get a ding is no reason to panic and get all sad about it.

I ding my metals and yyj hybrids a bit sometimes, but when that happens, just use some fine grit sandpaper and smooth it out.

If you really dont want to ding a yoyo cause its very rare or nice, then thats fine, but I like buying yoyos to play em, not just to let them sit somewhere.

(I am selling many yoyos that I did that with infact, cant stand letting them sit in a case without being played)

I dont find that dings really effect how a yoyo plays though, at the most maybe grinds might hurt a bit :stuck_out_tongue:
Unless you are like that guy that dragged a project behind his car untill it almost dissolved.

I just enjoy the yoyo, and dont worry about dings.

If you spend all your yoyoing worrying about dings, you wont be as comfortable a yoyoer, your focus needs to be on the yoyo and the tricks, not on how close your yoyo is to the wall, other wall, floor, ceiling, what kind of ground you are standing on etc.

J. :slight_smile:

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Dings bring character :slight_smile:

except when they are heavy…man, than grinds are evil…


ding dong dong ding!

I have a critical scratch on my freehand, but still hardcore. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

How do you tune it?

Unless the yo-yo is a loose axle system (like Duncans, or a non-floating axle) there’s not really a way to tune it.

A DM in this case, can’t be tuned. Unless you have some major (and I mean really really bad) dings, it shouldn’t directly affect the yo-yo not sleeping long enough or so erratic that you can’t use it. I don’t ding my yo-yos that much but a few of my older yo-yos are pretty beat up and they still play super smooth.

~yo! shi!

oh ok thanks guys