Metal, hitting floor and dings alright?

So I don’t know what my deal is, but it seems that every yoyo I have ever thrown ends up hitting the ground.

Whether it is plastic or metal, it is like I accidently just forget the floor is there and let me guard down.

Anyone else do this? Or am I the only moron here?

Is this detrimental to the play of the yoyo? I am playing with a metal at this moment, but and I am afraid the slight scratches and minor dings may offset the balance and cause the yoyo to tilt a little more than usual.

Or am I just projecting my poor throws onto the yoyo?

Dings happen. They won’t effect play. I have a g5 I’d consider a beater that still plays fine.
It’s possible they might add a tiny amount of vibe, but it doesn’t matter. The only thing dings really hurt is resale value, and even that’s not much different.

agreed. But make sure your string isn’t too long. Anyone can smash their yoyo into the ground with a long string. Most people cut there string to their belly button. What do you do?

I cut it 2 inches above my belly button for room for the loop, and plus I am a short guy, only about 5 foot 7…

I try to give myself a little extra string so things like triple or nothings don’t make me end up with my hands 1 inch apart.

Every yoyo that I ever buy is pretty much guaranteed to become a beater. Doesn’t matter how much it costs, I’d rather play with a yoyo to have fun than put it in a glass case. Also, being a 5a player, I drop my yoyos A LOT.

Really, unless the ding is pretty darn intense, it’s not going to effect the playability of the yoyo. The worst I’ve ever had happen is some vibe.