will small dents and such affect my yoyo in any way?

(Vincent-) #1

Will it make vibe? or like what, ive had it for a little less than 24 hours and there’s a decent amount of scuffs on it. all metal yoyo

(SR) #2

Most likely no.


Most likely no. Unless large damage has been done, it will be fine.

Might I ask:
What yoyo is this?
Why so many scratches, dings and nicks in such a little time? I’m thinking it’s time to adjust the length.

(Vincent-) #4

Well, I actually haven’t hit the ground yoyoing yet, i believe my length is perfect, just an inch or 2 above the bellybutton, The dings are because when i was unscrewing it to get a knot out, it dropped on the floor, and when i was messing around with it sitting down, dropped on asphalt. yeah, like the 2 worst places to drop it, ended up happening. haha. It’s my crucial ayce yoyo.

(Vincent-) #5

But the reason it hit the ground is pretty much because im not careful, which i need to be more careful of


Take a toothpick with you and you won’t need to open it up to release a knot

(Vincent-) #7

That’s actually a really good idea, i’ll do that from now on haha. thanks

(WildCat23) #8

Unless you hit it on the ground so hard it actually deforms the shape of the yoyo, then no. You may, however have to deal with a bent axle or sanding down the rims.


btw it looks really nice on my metal yoyos when i sand them although i do have a drill press and it would take forever if you did not

(WildCat23) #10

Hitman mod looks fine. Just a little sanding on the rims doesn’t.


If you have to ask…whats the point?


No I have a few dents In my plastic and its fine doesn’t affect it at all


Metal yoyo’s and plastic yoyo’s act differently to dents.


True but all the dents in the yoyos i have aren’t affected


Most dings won’t effect a yoyo at all (aside from scratching the surface, of course). A very small minute fraction of dings result in a small amount of vibe. However, this is mostly from 5a yoyos dropping their yoyos repeatedly.

So really, there is nothing to worry about with dings. They just make the yoyo a little less beautiful.