My yo yo is kinda dinged up


My yo-yo(x-convict) has a bunch of scratches on the metal part will it affect it’s performance? If it does is there any way to fix it?


It shouldn’t affect the play at all.


sometimes it will cause the bearing to break in which makes a loud noise but it won’t affect play… :wink:

(MikeMonty) #4

For the most part dings and scratches will not affect the performance of the yo-yo. After a long time and many dings the yo-yo may lose it’s balance and start to wobble slightly but all-in-all you have a good yo-yo to work with. The dings will just give it some character. :slight_smile:


This is not true. Playing the yoyo will cause the bearing to break in. Not dings and scratches.

The bearing breaking in is good thing.


Maybe he meant “causes the bearing to break, in which [case will] make a loud noise”


(LookAYoYo) #7

no if the bearing broke, than it would effect play


Might effect grinds.

(YoYoJoe27) #9

Thats what my mom said when i dinged up my DM really bad but it still plays fine!


If the scratch is light then you might be able to satin it off. ( sand paper) but don’t do it right away! ask people in the modification section to get some details


I mean that outer metal part not the bearing because my yoyo has fallen before and has scratches ???


Depends how hard you hit it. My gm I dented badly, and it slightly affected the play, but hardly at all.


Dings arw a good thing, IMO. Just play, it won’t affect the play to the point that it is unplayable