is it just me or......


I know this might be an obvious question but
No matter who you are,every yoyo you get will somehow have some kind of damage on it eventually.Dings, scratches,scuffs,vibe,grinding friction,color flaws,etc…
is this true?
I know it’s an obvious question everyone knows but I just want to be sure and clarify that it’s true.
Is it? ???

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It’s true if…you actually use it.


Yes, every one of my yoyos have “love marks”.


The chances a yo-yo will take a ding or scratch are very high due to the way we play with our yo-yos now a days. Even as I have taken extreme care when throwing mine and trying to only throw them over soft surfaces, I still end up with a dent or two due to the yo-yo simply falling out of my hand. But it is not impossible to keep a yo-yo in near perfect condition. With the exception of 1, all my metal yo-yos have not a single ding or scratch. I don’t throw some as much as others, but I always try to throw over the carpeted areas in my home.