How much damage does it take?


How much and what type of surface damage (nicks, dings, etc) does it take to actually affect play?


Enough to notice…

(M.DeV1) #3

Well the texture of the yo-yo could be so rough that it just slices your hand! I would think with enough weight taken off of one side it could start to vibe or tilt more then usual.


When it looks like this ;D


Looks like yoyospirit’s been walkin’ the dog on the sidewalk a lot. :wink:

To Qozux - I think you’re obsessing too kmuch on this. The ding you show here:,45997.0.html

is really just a minor flesh wound.

(YoYo_Freak) #6

What the heck happened to that?



The answer is fun… :wink:


Man, that is one old picture haha.


You’re just removing the anodizing through friction from the concrete!

Let’s face it, you were gonna strip and polish it anyways!


It’s a picture I took from Paul Dang lol.


Thanks haha. Mostly I’m just trying to learn everything I can. I played all the time in the late 90s, but hadn’t picked it up again until a couple months ago.

yoyospirit - I’m guessing this is a dumb question, but does that amount of damage effect the way it spins?


if its a new yoyo any sort of noticeable ding bothers me… so i know where youre coming from… but… it also makes it more fun… after a while you stop noticing the ding and stop worrying about other dings as well. if it still plays fine youre 100% fine and you’ll forget you even had dings on your yoyo.

i got a dang recently and was being very very careful with it… then i hit my hand and it came apart in an airport and bounced all around the tile floor and put some decent scuffs in it… i put it together and did a courtesy throw to make sure it was still dead smooth… check… everything good, now ive never had so much funn yoyoing :slight_smile:


Honestly, something like this might only add a bit or no vibe at all lol.


Took a nice chunk out of my Asteroid today by hitting the asphalt in a parking lot…Luckily it’s only a 15 dollar throw :wink: Still plays like a total champ, and I figured a chunk of missing plastic would have more effect than scratched metal.


I want this. So bad.