HELP!!!! I dinged my yoyo

So i dropped my yyf skyline on the cement today and it got a tiny little chip or ding or somthing does it effect the play in the yoyo???

Why don’t you throw it and find out?

I mean, seriously, dings happen all the time and people are still throwing them. I’ve even bought off BST some throws with dings “pre-installed for my convenience” and they play just fine.

Yes, it sucks. Nobody likes dings, but they happen. Now that the “perfection” has been permanently removed, play that yoyo like there’s no tomorrow. Throw without worry!

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Yes, you can die now. But seriously, having a ding won’t affect play as much as you think. Throw it and test if there is vibe.

Also a relevant topic might help.

my yoyo is beat and it still plays smoother than a mint 888

meh it’s a toy it’s meant to be played with i have like 3 mint yoyos out of 30 so 9 out of 10 are dinged.
just throw them and have fun don’t worry about a little ding or a slight flaw if your always scared of getting a scratch you will never have fun with them.

Well, actually, only you can answer this question. If you can’t feel any change in the play, then it does not really matter whether play has really been affected, since you are the one playing with the yoyo. :wink:

Dings do not matter.

That one tiny ding is equivalint to your phone being scratched a bit.
Dosent really affect much besides looks.
Might degrade the yoyo a bit but i mean it happends.