The all but enebitable ding

I got my first ding in my nice yoyo (dang it!!). I figure there is no way around this outside of never taking it out of my living room, but that’s dumb. So my question is how much will a few small dings effect a nice yoyos play? And what do you guys do to avoid them the best you can?

They will not affect play and are merely cosmetic. Avoid it by playing over carpet or grass, or putting a mat down if you want to play over concrete!

Also, 7075 aluminum throws are a bit more ding resistant since it is a stronger alloy!

Dings, unless they’re really bad, don’t really effect the yoyos play. The most large dings will ever do is cause negligible vibe and make grinding slightly not as good.

Honestly, I stopped caring about dings years ago. All of my yoyos are covered with them. Throwing is so much more fun for me when I’m not worried about making a toy slightly less valuable.

However, if you want to avoid dings, stick to throwing over carpet, and cut your string to a shorter length (just an inch can help!)

you mean inevitable??? Come on man!

Dings will never affect play in a noticeable way. Unless you slam it on the ground and you bend the axle.

Edit: I agree with him ^ … yoyoing is much more fun when you aren’t worried about keeping yoyos in mint condition.

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To avoid dings buy a delrin throw

This is all good news :smiley: ther than my spelling haha. Only other thing, it’ll effect grinds and stalls tho? I’m just gonna not worry about, I want to walk around yoyoing like I always have :Pn

no but dings affect grinds.

they can depending on where they are and how deep it is. Usually not going to decrease your grind time though.

I meant like dings around the rims can scratch your arm.

I dropped my 28 Stories Cliff today and now there is a scratch on it :’(

All yoyos will eventually get dinged if you play with them enough. Limiting yourself to a carpeted room seems like a waste to me, but some people enjoy having yoyos more than using them. For those people, collecting and hoarding is the goal, so keeping everything mint is important. For the rest of us, dings are a part of yoyoing and their presence is tolerated.

You make it sound like there are just two polar opposites. I don’t have a problem with dings, but I avoid them at all costs. Does that make me a collector or the rest of us? :wink:

I have no problem with dings, and honestly, if it is played over a hard surface that simply isn’t rough, dinging a yoyo may even just imply the loss of some ano (in my experience anyway).

Dings with sharp edges are easily tamed with a bit of steel wool.

A good ding might cause a little vibe. It’s like a yo-yo enhancement.

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I always feel a slight sense of relief when I ding a yoyo. It’s like “well, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.” In fact, I’ve found that a lot of things in life are like that.

I usually don’t mind dings. My Blue OD 54 is covered in them and the exposed shiny silver kinda matches the white stenciling which looks really sporty and cool…however just recently I had my Ash Berry Chief sitting in the car ontop of a hoodie…I yanked the hoodie out of the car as I was exiting and the Chief went soaring into the air and landed on concrete…that first ding and watching it roll around the concrete…I truly shivered in disgust and internally-screamed out in anguish…All in all…I would pay $40 to reverse time and have that not happen…which gives you an idea of how much I value a ding.

Havent dinged a yoyo fpr qquite some time. I have proabably put 4 scratches TOTAL since january,2012.I tend to throw in the store (Laminated tile) or at home (Carpet) so even if i were to mmess up and throw it down, Id be good :wink:
I never have cared about dings though. The reason I throw over carptet is just because my room and the living room are carpeted. I prefer either brand new, or beat yoyos. Beat yoyos may have slight vibe that doesnt matter, and they are crazy cheap. I got a beat klr, with no dings, just 5a marks for 45$ from canada

I’ve yet to ding one of my yoyos on the floor. My dings have all come from wild breakaway throws … one off a glass desk, one left a nice dent in a wooden book case, and the best one was a huge crash off the rim of a glass pickle jar full of pennies. No idea how I didn’t shatter that jar, but I ended up with two shiny skid marks on the rim of my DV888. I was aghast the first time I dinged it, but now I think the DV888 looks kind of awesome.