I have a lot of metal yoyos and after a couple of weeks I normally get a scratch. I was wondering how often you got scratches on your yoyos

Barely ever, my most prized throws only get thrown over carpet. I have some throws that I take wherever (like my Code 1), so if it gets scratched it doesn’t bother me

Don’t try sandpaper unless your using the ultra ridiculously fine kind because I tried the regular stuff on my DM2 rims and it made the scratched worse. Just keep the scratches; you can’t see them from a feet away normally. If your heart is set on getting rid of them, either find someone near you who polishes metal or ask on the forum to find someone who does yoyos.

The day I got my Desperado I Was in love with it. I only threw it like twenty times, but by the end of the day it had two small dings, one on each rim. I try not to let dings get to me, though.

As a 5a player, every single day I get new dings. I often give brand new yoyos pretty serious dings even on the first day that I get them.

I haven’t gotten a ding since October playing my Maverick. I only play metals over carpet. My Trigger is my outside throw. Tile, concrete, asphalt… you name it, I’ve hit it with my Trigger.

Not too often, but dings happen on occasion. At home I usually throw over a rug, but I don’t worry too much when I’m at airports or wherever.

Almost all of my yoyos have dings and scratches. The only one that hasn’t hit the ground is my Cliff because I’ve only had it for two weeks.

When I first started throwing a few years ago I was concerned about avoiding damage on my yoyos, but as time passed my interest in having mint yoyos evaporated entirely. I play with my yoyos and always carry one on me. I’m also not the type of person to dedicate one mediocre throw as my “EDC” to preserve the condition of my collection as a whole.

I understand serious collectors obsessing over damage to their yoyos, but your average player seems all too concerned about the condition of their throws.

After spending a year among the fountain pen community, I’ve found that the same stereotypes apply to most collectors. Some people obsess over every scratch and fingerprint while others use their instruments and enjoy them without fear. There’s joy to be found in each, but I find myself falling firmly in the latter camp.

I don’t normally ding my throws, I try not too but accidents do happen. I don’t think you should worry about them though, I mean would you really want to grow old without any scars?

Dings give the yoyo character, makes it unique and more personal too you. Have I dinged my high end throws- yes. Do I regret them? Hell no.

Thanks for the amazing responises


Alot for me mostly on bad binds or missed whips, also I’m small and I don’t cut my string to my chest I just leave it normal length yye string comes in. :slight_smile:

There’s a neat button called Modify, you should try it some time. :wink: