R.I.P. to my clean.....

all our throws have some sort of scratch, ding, scuff and what not, but do you remember the first time you scratched you favorite throw? post it. Dings show that you enjoy your throw a lot and it shows it has been used, but we all remember getting a new throw and just remember it being clean and untouched, it was like a blank canvas.

I recently scratched my dv888 doing eli hops and hit my fan, it was a very sad moment because I knew I was going to hit it but still tried it.

Also R.I.P. to my protostart that shattered when the string broke after I threw a strong breakaway, it will be missed.

dings are okay its just you leaving love on your yoyo… of course mint yoyos are nice but dinged ones are special they tell a history of use not abuse and show that you were trying something epic and it decided to leave a reminder for forever…

dont hate dings… only love…

The dings that irritate me more is when I end up smacking the ground just out of sheer clumsiness and not from a failed experimental trick.

yes ding/scratches/scuffs and what not show history. I guess I could have worded it better, how about rip to my clean throw

The only story like this that i have that i can remember is back when the OG Punchline first came out, and it bought one while i was at a yoyo contest. I had heard about the tales of the first run being a string eater, but i just bought it and wanted to play with it. 10 min after playing with it, the bead blast ate right through the string and the yoyo went flying, getting quite a few nice dings because we were over linoleum.

Didn’t induce vibe or anything unthinkable like that, but it definitely left a mark on my heart.

Scratches spread the love, maaaaaan. I have an 888 with silver rims. It’s pretty cool until I remember I bought a black yo-yo. Still love it.

Hilariously I like my yo-yos either mint or beat up beyond belief. Art vs use I guess.

First time I dinged a yo-yo was when I got my very first metal. Took it outside and WHACK. Good times.

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Don’t hate the dings, hate the player…

Be indifferent…

First metal throw, golden Galaxy too hot. Second throw, hit a stud in the deck. Lucky nail.

I got a red with black acid wash and about 1 week after I got it, it didn’t bind right and ends up hitting the ground. So sad. :frowning:

To the OP: DV888’s are cheap, and made to be played and dinged-- so don’t worry about it. Those super thick rims will withstand tremendous abuse.

Indeed. My DV888 was my first metal throw and it took a huge beating while I was learning tricks. All of my later metals have all been kept in mint condition thanks to the experience learned with the DV888, and I still have a soft spot in my heart for it :slight_smile:

Back in 2009 I had no idea of the maintenance and care needed for yoyos. I walked the dog everywhere I went as my 9 year old self with my yomega maverick. I painfully acknowledge the time when I got dust in my bearing so I “cleaned” it with water and put it right back onto the yoyo. Don’t worry, i treat my shutter with respect now.