I just scratched my M1!!! IT GOT THROUGH THE ANNO!!! So now there’s like a bright metallic scratch on the green side of my M1… :’( :’( :’( I feel bad… :-[

A few months from now, this will seem like nothing.

I’m sorry, but I cannot help but make fun of you right now XD You should see my yoyos…

I know… but I just got it… and my first metal too. :’(

My first metal I accidently dinged when I threw a breakaway while standing over my other yoyos. :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll forget all about it soon.

You feel bad at first, but after awhile you just get used to it. I have a scratch on my dv888 I felt as bad as you, and now, I’m totally used to it now. It’s what makes your yo-yo, yours.

Nice forum graffiti, btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know how you feel. The first day i got my Mooly Marmot i got the paint schrached a little. I tought it was the end of the world, now I look back on my DM and think my Wooly is lucky.

some kid at my school tried to use my legacy without asking and did walk the dog on concerete and just let in spin on the ground then it died. i looked at the yoyo and there is a massive scratch all the way around both sides. it gave it a wobble

I got so many dings on my DNA, and never really cared at all.

As long as its smooth, I don’t care.

Lol X 10. Don’t worry my first metal was a dm and it got a big scratch on it. performancewise a scratch is like a bruise eventually you’ll get another yoyo and never remember this!

At least it’s just a scratch. My mom made me lend my first yoyo to my cousin(7 yrs old), and he dragged it everywhere! By the time he was done using it, it looked like it was abused for 50 years. I threw it away because my hands get cut(small shallow cuts not deep big ones) and bruised whenever I held it.
EDIT: The font’s gone! :smiley:

that mst hrt but try and not wright like that, some people might not even take the time to read it

Agreed. Feel free to use other fonts, but make sure they’re easy to read.

at least it shows your experienced. Although i felt the same as you when i dinged up my DV888 within a couple of weeks…haha :slight_smile:

well… i dun even have a yoyo. it broke last week and i replaced it with a $1 yoyo that has lots of vibe. lol

Wanna know what happened to my first M1?

Well after a week of playtime the string broke over asphalt… nuff said…

What? the font? ok

I have a love hate relationship with dings and scratches. I hate them one I first git them but then I love them because they are just battle scars and beaty marks. ;D

yeah see my velocty looks like i scratched it on purpose lol