i know this question sound dumb but i have to ask because it been bugging for days. i just got my dark magic like a month ago and i drop it a few times already and have some scratches on it. my question is would it affect the performance of that yo yo at all? Again I know that sound dumb but at least i know.

Last question I think i bought the wrong lube for the bearing for i the YYJ thick lube and it super responsive what kind of lube can i get to not make it responsive at all???

No the scratched won’t do anything to the play of the yoyo, inless there HUGE.

Umm…sorry don’t really know what else you can use instade of thin lube.

define huge scratch ??? and thank for the reply i am buying the thin lube i feel dumb now lol. i just got back into yo yo i previously own a yomega raider and raider EX all good thanks again

Huge is like where it makes a scratch where you can see it even when its spinning…that’s the only way I can explain it :P.

IMO. You’re the owner of the yoyo then you’ll be the one to know if the scratches affected the play or not, maybe they’ll affect grinds, try playing with it and see if there are any effects.

the scratches should NOT affect the yoyo play at all unless they are like cm width scratches. And yes, you did buy the wrong lube: thin=unresponsive thick=responsive. If the yoyo doesn’t become more unresponsive within 2 hours of play time, it’s not the lube’s problem, it’s the yoyo. You can try trumpet valve oil. It’'s basically the same thing, but make sure you don’t get it on any plastic parts of the yoyo, thus it could dissolve some of the plastic.

The only time I’ve had scratches effect play is when part of the metal or plastic actually gets lifted a little so there’s a tiny shard sticking up that snags on your hand if you do grinds or catch it funny. If that’s the case, then all you do is sand it down a little and you’re good to go.

I’ve never had scratches affect play. But if you drop or bang the badickens out of it, the damage to your yoyo can affect the smoothness of the spin. I once had a string snap on the downswing of my throw while playing with an 888. The yoyo went directly into the ground, had huge gashes on both rims, and never spun stable again. If your yoyo does develop a small amount vibe from drops and dings, I don’t think that’s something to sweat - it just gives your throw character.

scratches shouldn’t hurt but if it is a dent it might and get thin lube

You are jacking his thread.
To the OP, Dings and scratches shouldn’t affect play. I have hit some of my yoyos very hard without any problems. It can happen though, but I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are doing hammer of thor or something.

The scratches don’t affect the play, and the lube you want to buy to make it unresponsive is the thin lube.