Which yo should I get?

Ok well I recently saved up some bucks from babysitting,so I decided to get a new yoyo.I knew I wanted something for offsting that will last me forever,and decided to get the aquarius,But then I figured that I have 50 bucks left,why not get another yoyo.I am sooooo confused about DM’s but I want one as my first by-metal or a legacy which I am not confused about at all.I know the legacy will be unresponsive out of the box and I know it will have the mirrored caps.Now for the DM is it unresponsive out of the box?Also,if I order a white from the nation will the caps be the old or new version of the pics?Once I get these answers I will know which one to get.
Any help apreciated! thanks

I think the legacy is unresponsive out of the box. The dark magic can be responsive, and can be not responsive… it depends on how much lube was put in. But once you clean the bearing, the DM will not be responsive.

What about the DM out of the box?

The DM is responsive out of the box.

Yeah. It is thick lubed. But all you have to do it either clean it or break down the bearing. :smiley:

Out the box my legacy was very responsive.
Out the box my DM had a pretty good response. it was a little responsive at first but after an hour or two and gap adjustment the DM plays pretty well.

Yeah, clean the bearing, and sili the O-Ring side, and you’ll love the Dark Magic. Still easily one of my fav yoyo’s.

Will thin lube make it unresponsive?

resonsive?That shouldn’t happen.

The legacy was responsive because there was thick lube in the bearing (http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,1347.0.html

That doesn’t make sense. Legacys are thin lubed… Not thick lubed. The legacy and metal yoyos are thin lubed.

well I dont mind if it is responsivebut I dont want to have to clean the bearing.Will thin lube make it unresponsive?

Yes. It will.

Not if it’s already Thick Lubed. That’s just like adding more gunk to the bearing. You’d need to clean it, which I actually recommend for just about any bearing. Your cleaning out whatever factory gunk they put in there, and starting fresh with a bit of thin lube. Trust me, it might be a little more work…but well worth it! :wink:

What aout the DM,will it be unresponsive after cleaning?

Actually, The thin lube will break down the thick lube and it won’t affect it.

Ya thats what I thought.

And how exactly is that Mage, does thin lube have some kind of magical solvent in it. You must have bought the special kind. Lube doesn’t break down lube, solvents break down lube. Viscosity breaks down lube. Don’t thin lube a thick lubed bearing, it’s POINTLESS!! Clean it, then thin lube it.

well not to sound mean oldschool but andre says it does in this video: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/410-maintenance-lube.html

Well, I don’t know then, I’m just going by general physics and common sense, but do whatever. Think about it, adding lube on top of lube, what do you think is gonna happen.

Well think about Chemisty too. And they are lubes of two different kinds. One is high viscosity and the other low viscosity. Sure they may still be in there. But I won’t affect it if any, not that much. Maybe a few seconds.