Dinging metal yoyos

Just curious, has anyone had a problem with dinging their metal yoyos? I have dinged many of my yoyos, and they almost never scratch, but today I dropped my Dark Magic, and it got dinged. Now there is a sharp metal shard off the side of the yoyo, and whenever I grind it hurts alot.

It is not really aproblem, I will just go file it down later, but I was just wondering.

That happend to my DM when it hit my elbow it chipped a little…

Yoyo’s get dinged/scratched no matter how good you are or where you play. I mostly have plastic yoyo’s and nearly all of them have scratches and dings. I have not yet gotten an expensive all-metal yoyo specifically due to your comment, and also because I know I would be completely heartbroken over an inevitable ding. If it’s hurting you when you grind, then I would suggest sanding it down a bit, but beware that doing that will scratch your yoyo more!

Ya, I chipped mine at school today. For some reason I felt like doing 4A, and it hit a desk, and there was this really sharp metal shard. I did not notice until I did a grind an hour later.

My DM is full of dings! I dont care about dings.

You should see my 888. It is a proto, so I have had it for a while. I did 5A with it over concrete, it got so bad that I had to file down the sides so that I could grind with it again.