Dings and dents

Does anybody else get a little sad when they ding their yoyo. Today I dinged my g funk and I haven’t thrown any yo-yos since then ,which was about 6 o’clock. My dad says it gives them personality but I just can’t see it that way. What yo-yos have you dinged lately and what are your feelings.

You get used to it after a while.

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You can scroll through there for some of the different views and experiences people have on dings.

I don’t ding my throws. I have one beater that I use without a care in the world, and the rest I play at home.

It’s meh. It only sucks when you just bought your yo-yo.

I have a yoyo with a pretty awful ding, the yoyo plays smooth, but jeez the ding scratches you, and it hurts, A LOT.

A metal file


  • sandpaper

works wonders on sharp dings.

First one: NOOOOOO!!!
Second one: Not again…
Third one: Oh well
By the third or fourth one I don’t even check anymore.

Yeah, sure, if you want to do it the girly way.

I get rid of sharp dings with palm grinds.


You just learn to live with them. You cant fret over them or dwell on it because that can become obsessive. There are more important things to think about than a ding on a toy.

Think of them more as love marks, and the more love you give them, the more they will have. Needless to say i have loved my capless a lot;)

Its fun though when you can yo and not care about dinging it and just play however youd like. Its a careless free feeling!

But if you get some higher end throws and dont wanna ding them, throw over carpet or put a mat down when youre outside, and then always take a beater for all other outdoor adventures!

Better to use something that’s already all gnarly, rough, and mangled, like your face. :-*

Dings and scratches enhance the yoyo, just like vibe does.

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I could care less. It’s just a toy.

That’d probably end up taking off too much ano.

While I’m laughing, I would still prefer to keep my stuff as nice as possible!

Now, I got a more serious question:

Which take was that? 1? 3? 18? 26?

That reminded me of a windchime.