Dinged yoyos

I was just wondering if any of you have a yoyo that has not been dinged at all. Do any of you guys have a yoyo, that is one without any dings at all, or do all of your yoyos have at least 1 ding? Is it normal for a yoyoer to have at least a ding on each of his yoyos?

i got many dings rofl

If the yoyoer plays with it then it will usually get dings. Most of us don’t really care. I know I don’t. Dings = play

I have dings in all my yoyos. It happens, but not often.

Stunningly all my metals are ding free… I scuffed the anno on my G5 and my GM2 came with an anno flaw… But all my other yoyos are either scuffed for like my DM dinged like crazy

Nope all of my yoyos, are sure to get dinged …which infact they all are. Ding proof for a couple of days, then poof it gets dinged…

However…I also try to not get them dinged…


Then, just to ask you guys, are yoyofactory metals more likely to have a vibe when dinged than their yoyojam counterparts? I realised that my classmate’s Meteor has been dinged many times but has only a tiny vibe but my BOSS has only been dinged one time but it has a bad wobble. Does yoyofactory has weaker axles than yoyojam or softer metals?

I don’t think people have tested this…

The Meteor has very “delicate” metal. That might be the reason.

What I meant was that yoyofactory metals are more easily damaged that yoyojam metals, not the other way round.

I have over 25 metals, and only 3 of them have any sort of marks at all. (Only 2 I’d really call dinged.)

I think I’m just lucky, since I’m not particularely careful or precise, and they all get tons of play.

Maybe your BOSS just got hit in that one in a million spot. They usually can take a sever beating.

Yanno… I dinged my DM and it fixed the vibe…

Then I dropped a crazy high arial and now it vibes alot worse…

Besides my velocity it has dings in every part of it.

I actually don’t have many dinged yoyos.
It happens sometimes, but I guess I am just careful.
That and I usually play over carpet and grass.


I love dings! :wink:


I have dings on most my metals, but for some strange reason, I HATE seeing any Hectic dinged, so I baby mine.

Only my Wooly Marmot remains un-dinged. And my DM is so dinged, you would think I bought it with a hammer just to ding it up.

I have no dings in my throws except: Hectic, B grade 888 (I am tring to sell it or trade it), and one veary small ding in my dv888.

My yoyos have dings, but sometimes I’m careful with it.

Happy Throwing! =]