My raw DV888 project


So I got this DV888 for free as a kind of deal sweetener and it was pretty beat up, so i decided to strip the ano off of it and give it a good polish.

I don’t have any before picture, but all dv888 are basically the same. Anyway,here is an after photo of what the yoyo looks like now.

(click to enhance)

It was actually a pretty easy job, although the polishing was a pain, but i tired the best i can for my first time modding a yoyo to its raw state.

I used drain cleaner to strip the ano in about 20 minutes. Gave it a good scrub in warm water with some soap to get the paint off. Then polished with some mother’s aluminum polish for about an hour. It turned out pretty well, but I think the overall condition of the yoyo effects it ability to shine. It was a splash version, so the markings are still visible. I think i’m going to use some polish wipes next time to get a better shine.

Does anyone know a good way to get a super clear mirror shine on one of these?


You will not get a mirror finish (Just barely) with drain cleaner, and definitely not super mirror finish. You must do the extra work and use sandpaper.

Tried this on one side, but i don’t like how it turned out. I’m not sure what the grit was, but i made sure to go form a higher to lower one. It got some of the dings/scratches out, but left tons of marks on the yoyo overall.

Is there a guide that I can refer to for more information?

You went backwards. You go from low grits to higher ones. To get a mirror finish you should go at least to 1200 grit. Then use some steel wool and then polish.

Noticed that, I just got my terms mixed up. Thanks for the advice, ill make sure to try it out.

You start high 1200 then go low 150-600.

Use some Nevrdull or Mothers aluminum polish for a mirror finish.

I line how the Splash stayed there, gives it a interesting look for a polish.

You go from low to high. Low grit is more course and the higher is more fine. If you start high and go low you’ll kill yourself trying to get it off and then end up with a scratched looking yoyo

Im sorry, I got confused. LOW grit to HIGH grit, ok I got it.

Just don’t start to low.

Thanks, although I thought it was kind of wired that the splash marking stayed on. Looking at them closely they seem to be laser engravings or something. There darker and slightly recessed in the yoyo, some weird type of ano technique perhaps. YYF ano splash yoyos always look so generic to me anyway, CLYW ano splashs feel more realistic.

Someone polished a Token recently and it left the laser engravings. Looks nice!

Got one half done!

It was again a pain but totally worth it. I started off on 220 grit sand paper, then 400, 600, and finally 1500. Used some #00 steel wool to finish it off and then gave it another good polish. Turned out a bit scathed from the last time i tried on it with god knows what grit of sandpaper. I got a pretty good mirror polish though(cant tell to well in the low-res pic), so no complaints.

Looking pretty good, are you hand polishing it?

Yes! Everything was done by hand.

Have to disagree my friend.

I go from a chem strip right to polish. Zero paper invovled.

Lookin good mah frend :wink:

A drill will make it look nicer and polish it more.

Oh and we’re just supposed to believe you?

What are you credentials?

I have at least 45 minutes experience in this subject so I SHOULD know everything there is to ever know about everything in the universe.

First yes a drill (if you’re able to secure it without ANY damage to yoyo or axel) will help make the task easier and improve the polish.

Second yeah you “can” to from a raw state to polish but I quickly saw that a small bit of sanding (with yet another power tool) drastically reduces the time / polishing cream needed to reach the desired shine.

If you got the means to use a drill or a dremel… or both… do so. in many steps.

If you don’t, whatever I still think what you’ve got looks great so far. What’s the diff in 90% awsome and 100? few finger prints. throw the son of a biscut and have some fun doing it.

We all have been wondering if its true. We have begged and pleaded for him to tell us inhospitable polish thread.

Alrighty then…

So I’ve finished up on the dv888 polishing. sanded down and polished up the remainder of the yoyo. It ended up being somewhat scratched up,but no worries seeing as this is my first raw yoyo mod, and hopefully my last seeing as this whole project took 10+ hours by hand.

As for the debate that has been going on in this thread i guess that I’ll throw in my two cents. I have to agree that you can go right form a chem strip to polish, but its not that clear and is cloudy. Sandpapering, stell wool and another polish do really help to bring out a mirror shine in the yoyo. plus it helps to smooth down any edges, dings, and scratches that it might have.