Mirror polishing my 888x.

So I really wanna polish my 888x and I was wondering, what all do I need? I know I need the Sandpaper and mothers polish. Sandpaper from 80 grit to 600 right? I’m pretty good at doing things myself so I’m confident I can do it, but Is there anything else I might need, Or need to know? Tips anyone? oh and also, how do I know if I’m taking too much off and imbalancing my throw?

If you want a real good mirror polish, work all the way up to 2000 grit sandpaper.

Dang, I didn’t even know they made it that fine… is there anything else I need? Basically sand all the paint off and keep working my way up the grits? Then polish?

There is a very crucial difference between anno and paint.

Anno is basically a chemically applied, very tough layer of colored rust. It is actually a part of the aluminium.

Paint is a layer of… whatever paint is made of… that sits on top of the aluminium. It is a completely separate entity.

Personally, I use 45 grit (to remove the anno), then 80, then 200, then 400, then 800, then 2000, then 2000 wet (Most high grits can handle water just fine. The water lubricates the sandpaper and gives a smoother finish). After you’ve worked your way through all of those grits, use some mother’s polish.

You can pick up 800 and higher grits at autozone, or your countries equivalent auto store.

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huh i didn’t know that. thanks for the info. ;D !

Thanks for the good info… one more question, how do I know if I’m taking off too much material? I don’t want to create a vibe…

When you see the silver of the aluminium, that’s when to stop.

As long the drill is spinning at a relatively high speed, you won’t cause a vibe at all. Just remember to go slowly.

You don’t need to go up to 2000 grit. 800 will do. All of the fine polishing with your compound of choice should take care of any surface scratches left. Just remember to be thorough. It’s real easy to get lazy.

You don’t need to, but I find that it works better.

Do I absolutely HAVE to use my dremel tool? I feel like I could do a cleaner job by hand… of course it would take longer but I got patience.

Yeah, cool bro. Lol still doesn’t beat good old fashioned advice from a human being tho.

Yes, use the dremel. Doing it by hand is not only going to take longer, but it will likely cause your yoyo to vibe. I learned the hard way. :wink:

Trust me, you’ll do better work with a dremel.

Thanks man. I guess ill give it a shot, tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Oh, and by the way, wrap the part of the axle that you’re putting into the dremel with 2-3 layers of electric tape. It protects the threads.

Wait, what do you mean? wrap the shaft of whatever bit im using in electrical tape? So it doesnt rub on my throw or what?

When you attach the yoyo to the dremel, put electrical tape around the axle so that you don’t strip the threads.

Oh I see… yeah I just take the axle, the response system, everything out before doing any work like that on a throw. Thanks for the heads up thougrh man.

If you want to get extremely shiny, use steel wool before you polish it.