I ground my DV888

I ground my DV888

I hadn’t took the photo before ground, I just found this photo in yahoo.

After ground:

Just my opinion, but I think that adds a nice accent to the yoyo.

Im REALLY new to all this. How’d you “ground” it?

I think he means satined. which means just removing the anodization from the yoyo, probably with sand paper.
looks great, by the way. :slight_smile:

haha :smiley: my English is poor

Oh no I understood What he meant I saw the pictures. I was wondering how to get the paint/stain/anodizing off. I sat there with a dremel last night for about 2 hours, and only got about 3/4 of one half finished.

There’s are tutorials online

What you do it take half of it, put it in a drill (stick the axle in the drill) and use sandpaper.
to remove anno, I use 80 grit, then 120, then 220. then to add a bit of shine, I use 400 and then 600 grit.
this leaves a nice grinding surface, and a nice shiny finish. I found that higher grits add more shine, but reduce grindability.

Hot Damn that worked a lot better than the dremel. Thank you.

Ill post pictures of my rim satined dv888.

I did it on a drill and i used 100,120,220,600 and its smooth as glass.

I use 400 for removing the color of the rim. I think 100 is too rough, will it damage the yo-yo?

No, I used 80 and mine was fine.

I used 60 grit and it did scratch the heck out of it but as you go up in grit it will remove the scratches and then just use a buffing pad on a dremel to give it a mirror finish. I like the brushed aluminum look though and its a Duncan Metal drifter so I dont really care for it. I wil post pics sometime.

Well it’s official I ground my DV888 as well. I will post pics later.

Who grinds on the rims anyway?

People with REALLY big hands and arms!