Satin with...1000 grit?

Hey guys,

So I’m thinking of satining the flat rims of my DV888 (it’s blue by the way) and I don’t really have any other sandpaper than 1000 grit. More specifically, Tamiya Finishing Abrasive P1000. I also do have a DeWult hand drill. Any tips so I don’t y’know…PERMANENTLY SCREW UP MY YOYO??? Thanks!

Its gonna be real hard to remove the anno with 1000 grit. 400 would be more like it.

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Try getting some 150s, then to make it really smooth, use the 1000s.

I’m sure the 150s won’t be too hard to get.

Use 120 or 150 to get the anno off, then 400 to make it smoother, than 600, then 1000.

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400 grit is perfect, follow it up with some steel wool to smooth it out a bit more.