Satin Grit?

Hey guys, I was wondering now, if I were to satin a yoyo, to I need to work the grit up so say I satin it at 250 then 500 then 750 then 1000 or something.

Do I need to do that? Or if I don’t, which grit would be best?

If you’re taking off anno, I find 40 grit is a good place to start. then go to 80, 200, and then 400.

If you wanted to polish it after you satin it, work your way up to 800, possibly 1200-1500, and then some 2000.

If you’re not taking off anno, just start from 80 grit, go to 200 and then 400. should word like a charm.

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Hmmm… I’m not a modder, but I just wanted to smoothen up the dings as much as possible. Cause it looks really bad now as the rim is purple with constant gray dings. Looks bad. Just want to smoothen it out and make the rim the same color.

What do you mean by taking off the ano? Like what would be the result after stripping the ano?

If you were to take off the anno, the area you were satining would look like bare aluminium.

It takes quite a bit of work to get anno off, however.

You can always carefully rub the dings down with some sand paper to try to smoothen them out if they are sharp.

Other than that, you’d be better off just leaving it the way it is. Dings build character.

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Using 80 grit worked fine for me for taking off the ano
What I did to satin my 888 was take 80 grit, then 120, then 220, then 400, then finished it off with 600.
I tried 1500, but it didn’t grind well at all, so I went back down to 600.

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Yeah, I know, I don’t take dings seriously at all, but it’s getting annoying and worrying. You can feel it a lot and it looks like crap if I show it to someone although noone hazs ever said that. But it’s quite bad, just want to make it look better. I guess I’ll try 80, 200, 400. Thanks a lot Jake! And Dynikus!