Are all “blasts” (soda,candy,bead) pretty similar. I have a general yo entheos for reference, which I think is a beadblast.


I think not. The purpose is similar, but the end effects can vary.

There’s many different materials, and sometimes it’s finding what media used works best on a specific aluminum alloy.

Sometimes the blasting is used to remove surface treatments, but it seems in yoyo, it’s often used to actually texture a surface.

I just got a soda blasted agape, and I don’t know what it is, but it just feels so nice in the hand. Then again, my CLYW’s are beadblasted, so they say, and those feel good too, but the soda blasting… i can’t describe it, but it’s really a nice feeling on the hand.


I don’t know what blasting media “soda” or “candy” refer to, but bead blasting uses glass beads. The end results depend on the bead size to a large degree. These are actual round beads as opposed to some of the other blast media such as aluminum oxide which can tend to be more irregular or jagged shaped. These latter types will tend to cut faster.

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Soda Blast = Smoother to the touch while still giving great grinds. Uses Baking Soda as the blasting media.

Bead Blast = A little rougher while still giving great grinds. Uses glass beads as a blasting media.

Sand Blast = Roughest of all the blasts. Gives good grinds and uses sand as the blasting media.

Shell Blast = Pretty smooth. Uses ground walnut shells.

Candy Blast = Don’t know much about it. Someone said it may be plastic beads or sugar (Hence “Candy”) as the blasting media.

All are good with there being no “Best.”


I think “best” is relative to achieving the desired look, effect and surface treatment. Definitely preferences!


Well my entheos feels pretty smooth, so would it be a sodablast?

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Considering it’s General-Yo it’s probably a BeadBlast. You could always send them an email though.


general yo uses bead blasts for the media
and to add to the sand blast, sand blasting has a similar feel to bead blasting but gives a shiner look than the bead blast