Dental blast too coarse?


My uncle owns a dental lab and they have some sort of blasting apparatus that is used to blast away the stone molds after pouring up a gold tooth. I asked him if it could be used to put a texture on an alluminum yoyo. He said yes but I wasn’t sure if the blasting media would be too coarse, I think that the media is silica (sand?) And I know that it leaves the gold with a slightly matte finish because the tooth still needs to be polished afterwards. If any more information is needed please feel free to ask.

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Sounds like a sandblaster. You probably won’t like it on a metal. If it’s on a plastic, it’s fine, because it wears away over time and actually feels soft.


I found that the media was actually aluminum oxide powder with 50 micron sized particles. That’s the exact opposite of too coarse. I decided to bite the bullet and just do it on a scrap yoyo half. It came out pretty good I’ll post pics later.

EDIT: heres some pics, its half of a bassboost

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How’s it feel? How does it seem like it would grind?


It feels kinda like like it was dusted with graphite powder. I think it would grind very well. I might strip a yoyo and do the whole thing to see how it grinds, or if someone wants to let me blast their raw yoyo I would do it for free as a tester. I would probably do only a few testers like 5ish.


That looks amazing. Unfortunately I don’t have a raw yoyo though…Maybe I could strip the anno on my t5 or something, haha.


Looks pretty darn good. Make sure you clean it good. Blasting has a tendency of driving the dirt into the new surface.


I think that what the powdery feel was, after a bunch of handling it feels more like a chalkboard finish. I’m not sure if thats good our bad, I’ve never had a yoyo that felt like this.


Tell us. How does she grind?

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Wow, that looks really rough. Is it possible that it might graze your skin?


That’s not rough at all. It actually looks like the perfect media to use.


I wonder how that looks spinning under the sun. It looks a bit “angular”. It looks like it would deflect a fair amount of light. Should be cool!

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Looks a bit harsh now, but after some wear and tear I think it would be really nice. Granted, all my assumptions can only be made by eye.