So, I was wondering...

Would grinding on a pile of sand be similar to sandblasting? Also is there a cheap (Like practically free) way to sandblast any yoyo?

No, and No.

So what would it do?


What is it you are looking to achieve?

Absolutely nothing, don’t do it.

I have to wonder what the end goal is for this line of questions.

But, to answer your questions:
Your grinding on sand is NOT anything similar to sandblasting.

Free or cheap sandblasting? Maybe, if you have access to the equipment, some training or know someone who will do it for you. There’s other methods that work good. Sodablasting, bead blasting, shell blasting(walnut shells I think).

Hey, would fluidized sand work? ??? It’s used to remove paint so why not?

A better grinding surface for the DMII.

No. Grinding on any surface isn’t going to be enough to emulate a sand blasted surface.

During the blasting process, many small peices of a medium are being blown at an item at higher speeds and with more force than what just your hand and your yoyo can do.

So would fluidized sand work? That is my question.



You need a sand blaster.
Satin it w/sandpaper. That will give a good grinding surface. Do a search on satin here.

This will not work. The only result will be sand getting into the bearing. Just put it on a drill and satin it.

Who says I need the bearing on it?

No matter what you do, this method will not work.

You can’t just throw a bullet. you have to shoot it out of a gun.

You can’t just throw a yoyo into a pile of sand. you need a medium blaster.

yes but the sand particles are moving extremely fast.

Go ahead and try, but In my opinion, you’re not going to get any positive results.

Most high schools have a metal shop or auto shop with a medium blaster. Take the class and blast your yoyo. :wink:

Not mine. Have you heard of budget cuts? O0

Maybe act a little less helpless and find one then? I have herd of budget cuts, when I went too school the metal and auto shop where run on donations.