bead blasting??? what is it?

You know the question. What is bead blasting and what does it do.

keep spinning


Beadblasting is a process which is used to create a better surface for grinds. Beadblasting might be the most known one, but you have all sorts of ways used to improve grinding. Sandblast, sodablast and candyblast are a few of them.

Yeah the pryo has it and when I play with my friends it feels as if I dropped it instead of throwing it l0l.

I love my DNA’'s grinds,all because of beadblasting

Bead Blasting is a machine that sprays a fine sand at the surface of metal, wood and platsic. It does two things first it cleans and then it textures, I use to work in a foundery and we used it to blend our gring marks to make it unaform.

I recall someone explaining to me what it was.

There are tiny beads that are shot out of the the beadblaster at the yoyo, they hit the yoyo and cause mall tiny microscopic “dents” in the surface.

This causes the yoyo to have that unique smooth finish and it grinds quite well.

The reason it grinds well is due to the “dents”
Making the skin-yoyo interaction less, making for a longer grinding yoyo.


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Beadblasting, usually only done on metal yo-yos, is abrasive blasting the yo-yo with glass beads to slightly pit the surface improving grinds.

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