To all modders who’ve beadblasted yoyos before, how do you cover the response bearing area efficiently. I use masking tape but it rarely turns out perfectly cicular or how i want it wven if i use a guide(ex:cap of some sort) if i find a way to do it i might offer the servoces since they are turning out pretty nice.

I used the stuff that decals are made of and cut them out with a computer program. You could just find something round, large enough to cover whatever, and screw a bolt through it, into the yoyo half.

Never thoght about screwing something on top. Il try it asap

I always use a washer or series of washers on a long bolt. Just find the right size one then thread a jam nut onto your bolt. Bolt through washer into threads snug down jamnut to hold washer in place.

And you can always use silicon as well. Takes a little longer to set up and then pick out but works nicely.

If i want to offer it as a service here in yye where should i post?

The BST I believe. People need pics of your work though, otherwise you’ll get no business.

On the subject, I’m not sure if I’ve ever tried a beadblasted yoyo. How does it compare to soda blasted?

It feels super smooth, grinds last forever. It’s pretty much like the feel of most CLYW’s.

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I’ve played a handful of CLYWs, so I suppose if they’re beadblasted, I’ve played that kind of blast. :wink: Thanks!

CLYW has a distinctive blast… It’s on G2 stuff also. Very nice, one of my favorite finishes. There’s a lot of different variations of if though.

I’m positive you have beadblasted throws Greg.

Now that I’m more aware of what beadblasting is, you’re probably right. Wouldn’t be surprised if the SPYY lineup turned out to have several beadblasted throws. The Pro, Dynamo, Supra, PunchLine… all likely candidates! Pretty sure my Wrath is soda-blasted (LOVE the Wrath’s finish!) but that might be the only one I’m confident about.

Yes, yes, and yes. The supra has one of the smoothest blasts I’ve ever felt. It grinds forever and is soo smooth.

Greg, you really need to try a General Yo blast if you haven’t. It’s rougher than most, but there throws are probably some of the best grinding throws out there.

To the OP, you can post a thread offering services here, in this section, like a few others do, or in the BST.

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One day, Big Cat! Model 10 is on my list somewhere. Or maybe the forthcoming Prestige.

Ty ill post a thread

you should do ano to XD so i dont have to mail my yoyos

i have some of the required materials for homebrew anodizing but never had the time. If i get ahead in beadblasting il try anodizing as well.