How to make a yoyo splashed + How to beadblast

Does anyone know how to beadblast a yoyo or know how to make a yoyo look splashed???

I have an idea on how to make a yoyo looks splashed. Get some paint and just throw it at the yoyo. I know it sounds horrible and probably has problems with it, but it’s just an idea… ;D

  1. Get a white or clear yo-yo. ( Well, any light color that you want as the Splash). Splatter glue all over it in the Splash pattern. Then just dye it.

All seen here:

  1. Paint the inside of a yo-yo in a “Splashy” pattern.,39555.0.html

Beadblasting is like sandblasting, but instead of spraying the yoyo at a high speed with sand, you’re using tiny glass beads. You can buy a sandblasting enclosure for a couple hundred bucks, plus you’ll need an air compressor.

Or you could get someone else to do it for you!

Well that’s a good idea lol.  ;D

Hehe yeah that would be a lot cheaper than buying all the equipment you’d need to do it yourself - unless you were going to do like a hundred yoyos.  :wink:

yea lol. And thanks for the splash stuff, Where do i get rit die though??? And can it be any die

You can get rit dye at almost any store, I got mine at walmart =]

k ty

The autoshop teacher at my school has two beadblasters. You should check out your school.

i didnt see my school yet because i am moving into middle school and we are having our orientation sometime in august