anodized splash, bead blasted finish brands

ez guys, i’m loking for yoyos with an anodized splash, bead blasted finish

i know there’s the Big bro TT which has a bead blasted splash finish, and some of the (now out of stock) CLYW’s, does anyone know any others?


UK huh? I heard about this Belgian guy (Frederico/xfredericox/this guy). He beadblasts and and anodizes, too bad he won’t do you a simple splash pattern, he’s too good for that. Check his art out:

Addment: Why buy a splashed yoyo when you can get this guy to OMGLOLWTFanodize yours?

General Yo Hatricks are beadblasted, Along with I believe the Spyy Trainwreck 2

Im pretty sure wedgies are beadblasted. But they’re not splash.