beadblast and ano

i guess this would go here

so i know that notfailanodizing will anodize yoyos cheaply and they look awesome, but is there somewhere that you could send yoyos to get blasted? like if i like the i, or p2, or M1 or, anything, but i wish that it was bead/soda/sand/candy/whatever (poprocks maybe?) blast the yoyo for a low price.

also i have a few questions about nofail: first is, do they fail? i don’t know why but i have a feeling they don’t.

second question: if you send a yoyo to them and they anodize it, they take out whatever response was in it right? cuz i don’t know what will happen, but it cant be good to anodize rubber/silicone

I woulnd send it to Onedrop to Be Soda blasted and then to Vendetta to be Soaked is awesome Juice. But Thats Me. ;D

Justin LoTiempo does a fantastic job with his work. However, you’re supposed to take out the response system before you send it to him.

Is the P2 sodablasted? i think beadblasting feels better and i like the not shiny look of it. what does Vendetta do? it is way to expensive to soak my yoyo in chuck Norris’s sweat.

He anodizes, which is a type of color finish put on aluminum yoyos.

so it is like no fail? also is soda blast the finish on the P2?

No Fail anodizing IS Vendettas andodizing biz.
The normal production run P2s are just plain anodized.
I think Vendetta nows some people he could send your yoyo to for an extra price to be Beadblasted, sodablasted, sandblasted, whatever.

The people he know’s that does blasting IS one drop. lol