MB's Soda lovers thread! Soda blast that is...Soda news!!

I will soon to be not offering soda blasting anymore. My opinion is that it offers very little benefit if any over the bead blasting I provide. I will only be doing special order items with soda. I will offer it until my supply is gone.

Lunarwind soda blasted…

Looks beautiful! I guess even if you hate doing soda blasts, if there’s a market you gotta consider servicing it. :wink:

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The soda blast is extremely smooth and other than being a little messy is easy to achieve for me.

Only made sense to offer it.

How do they compare in grinding and durability?

The soda pictured above has excellent grinding capabilities. I still like the bead blast just a touch more but not by much.

As far as durability goes I recommend getting it ano’d. Sealer at the minimum.

Wow! This looks beautiful. I already posted one of these on our Facebook page. Simply marvelous.

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It’s a perfect match for the nice sharp lines of the throw.

Agreed. Makes it look much softer. Kind of ties it all in.

I thought this thread was actually going to be about soda :frowning:

I’ve always liked soda personally. Mountain Dew please… ;D

There’s dr. Thunder and mountain lightning.

That looks great!

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Just wanted to say I’ve been a secret fan of everything you’re doing. Looks so amazing and for a great price. Uggghhhh I need to get a yoyo done by you BAADDDLY!

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Code1 soda blasted…

YYR DreadnoughtG soda blasted…

ILYY Lynx hybrid soda blast…

Just found this thread! I guess I’ll have to get a throw soda blasted soon. And free bump.

CLYW Avalanche soda blasted…
Blast from the past for me as this was for Stickman who happened to be my first customer ever!
IMG_20130805_181142_722 by mullicabob, on Flickr

IMG_20130805_181226_379 by mullicabob, on Flickr

IMG_20130805_181255_435 by mullicabob, on Flickr

So clean, I just love it :slight_smile:

Canvas & Septopus soda blasted for the prez…
IMG_20130823_172246_320 by mullicabob, on Flickr
IMG_20130823_172234_202 by mullicabob, on Flickr

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