OD Soda Blasted Pictures

I’m thinking about getting a soda blasted od yo, I see the pix here but it is hard to tell if I like it or not, anyone have any pictures of any?
I would love to see yours today, got to order today

There’s not a whole lot to see. Soda blast just looks like satin finished bare metal since that’s essentially what it is. It’s a cool look, but it does show wear incredibly easily vs. anodized. If you’re the kind of person who really hates to see scuffs on your good throws, might be something to think about.

They are anodized. Clear. They don’t wear easily, from my experience.

It’s a super sharp look. The photos on this site represent it pretty well.

Well, then they either haven’t always been this way, or haven’t always been so durable. My project has all the classic signs of a bare bead or soda blasted finish. Specifically, areas that have become shiny and lighter colored from light scuffing.

Yeah I think I kind of heard the same thing somewhere else, you confirmed it thanks

As someone who owns many soda-blasted yoyos, when you first get them they appear VERY sharp, its super light grey, almost as if it looks like it was powdercoated/beadblasted grey but infact its a Sodablast. Onedrop does not do these much any more except in limited numbers at their website’s store and or here on YYE.

After awhile of use, it does dull down and is less agressive. Still looks great though.


They do look good from what I’ve seen. Just not a lot of pics. My suggestion would be a general search on google images for soda blasted yoyo and see what pops up. That way you can see a variety of yoyos done that way and get a better idea whay it looks like. Hope that helps