Sodablasting question

I’m thinking of getting my 888x re-ano’d, so I’ll obviously need to strip the ano. I thought this would be good to also make it more grindable. I’m not going to talk about strippping the yoyo, but I was wondering how sodablasting grinds compared to beadblasting and pyramatte. Also, how does it feel? Silky? Cause I have a sandblaster and all I need to do is add baking soda.

If you are getting it re-anodized then it will need to be stripped. Sodablasting grinds so nice. The thing is your skin will also determine how something grinds. If you have super smooth skin then the bead blasting would be best.

I can’t grind yet. A friend of mine can do grinds. In his opinion, he feels that sodablasted grinds the best. It really does come down to preferences.

As far as feel is concerned(as in, how it feels in your hand against your skin, probably not spinning), not to plug products, but my soda blasted Agape is probably one of the nicest feeling yoyos I have as far as surface treatment is concerned. My Royale is a close second. Both are soda blasted. The Royale is anodized, while I don’t think the Agape is anodized.

Whatever you do decide, I would suggest you contact the people who are doing to be doing the anodizing and the blasting and see what each one can do for you.

I have a custom sodablasted burnside and it feels great and silky. I think the the blast is rubbing off though, but it still looks and plays great. It grinds much better than when it was pyromatted.