yoyo finishes

Ok so I’ve heard all the different finishes and such, beadblasted, sodablasted, anodised, satined, some others. I think beadblasting is basically just shooting small beads in a concentrated area to make the whole thing smooth, but that’s about all I know. Could anybody help me out on this?

Yeah. You said it yourself.

Ok cool but what about the other things I mentioned?

Ok. Annodization and Satined are both painting processes. I like annodization better. Satin is more shinier that annodization. Sodablasted, not sure. They probably take Sprite and heat it up. ???

Anodization: Coating metal with a protective or decorative oxide (from dictionary.com). For yo-yos I believe, it is usually decorative to give it color.

Satin: To sand a yo-yo surface, making it uneven and better for grinds.

Sodablasting (taken from a guide on YYN):

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Thanks Kim.

What about schmooving and any other finishes anyone can think of, at least that are used somewhat often?

Schmooving isn’t a finish. Schmooving it adding extra grooves into the insides of the yo-yo to reduce friction from the string.

Here is an example of a yo-yo with schmoove rings:

As you can see, there is a groove for the response and then extra grooves around that.

Thanks a bunch Kim.