what is blasting?


not really sure if this is the right section cause I’m not sure if “blasting” is a mod.

so yeah here’s my noob question- what does it mean when you “Blast” your yoyo?

what is candyblast, beadblast, and sodablast? are there differences? are there more types of blasting?


You blast it with a kamehameha. Blasting is considered a mod, mainly to make a yoyo grind better. Candyblast is using sugar I think, and sodablast is using baking soda I think. There is also sand blasting. Bead blasting is the overall name. Don’t take my word on it though.


I’m 99.999999% sure that soda&candy are NOT done that dean way… (wow, skype can REALLY mess up your responses.)


Actually, you do use baking soda for sodablasting. One Drop uses it for some of theirs. For more info: http://www.sodablasting.com/

Sand blasting is the same but with sand.

Candy blasting is the ILYY’s signature (secret?) method and I don’t believe I’ve come across what they use for it.


Soda blasting is in fact done with baking soda.

Candy blast is just normal blast with a different blasting media. Plastic beads, I think?


OK then… :wink:

Bead blasting actually refers to a process using glass beads as the blast media. Similar to sand in make up, but kinder and gentler in that the beads are spherical in shape rather than jagged like sand. You get a finer finish with beads than with sand.