Can anyone post pictures or even videos on how you soda blast your Yoyos, I am just not sure how it is done.

To soda blast is much like sand blasting. The difference is the the blasting medium (stuff that is fired at a high rate of speed at an object) soda blasting is baking soda rather than sand. So you would need the same equipment and an understanding of how to perform the process.

You have to buy a blaster, wich can range from 100-1000+.

You fill it with whatever you want the blast to be.

I’m pretty sure that you need a Air Supply as well.

Seriously, though… of course there’s a need for air! Some probably come with the compressor built in, while others are meant to hook onto your existing compressor.

Our soda blast setup can be seen in this video briefly:

A couple of things:

  1. It’s a pain because soda is so light it doesn’t settle down and recycle back through the system. We modded our cabinet by putting an out of balance motor on it that causes a shake to help settle the baking soda.

  2. It needs to be done on a raw yoyo BEFORE anodizing. It has no effect on anodized yoyos.

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