wat is the cheapest beadblasted yoyo

Probably the No. 9. It’s 45 bucks. But I don’t think many stores have them. Other than that there’s the Dingo. It’s Soda Blasted. It’s 50 bucks. Why do you ask?

Basically any yoyo can be beadblasted. Like James said, why do you want a beadblasted yoyo?

i like to grind and i runined my beadblasted yoyo i have a heavy cream but it doesnt grind as much as my old yoyo

Sounds to me like you need to work on how you do grinds.

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i do grinds good but w out my good bead blasted one i cant do them as long


I can grind thumb grind with plastics basically as long as I can with any beadblasted yoyo. Any difference would be hard to notice/figure out.

There has been at least one Freehand Zero that has been beadblasted. You could easily go down that road by getting a good plastic yo-yo and sending it off to be beadblasted.

i belive the maverick is bead blasted

the maverick, dash, kerari and ooch are all blasted. The oocj and kerari will need a little smoothing out where the string rubs but that is no biggy. They are great yo’s. I’, going to make a vid using the dash. I’m sick of people saying it’s bad. It’s far from bad!