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Is it beadblasted?

The M1’s aren’t beadblasted, they are Anodized. :smiley:


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i am getting one a 65 gram smooth yoyo for 45!? that is sick, and besides i need to get out yoyo factory for a whil awesome reviedw you convinced me

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Woah. Amazing review! ;D

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They Rock Don’t They, for $45, whats to lose ;D


how long does responce last

They’re actually sodablasted.

I ordered mine sunday night… I was a little upset… I went with green/red… Xmas-y and still a good combo (all they had was green, red, yellow, and orange) and now they have blue and black!!!


Good review btw… Love the pics

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I have a question about your Night Moves 5, is a good yoyo?

Just got my second M1 before they sold out (blue/orange) wohoo!!! ;D

i have an m1 and i love it but the only color they had was pewter

they are NOT soda blasted, they are just anodized, there was/is a special edition soda blasted m1 but i dont think they have any left it cost more because of the soda blast .

they are 66g btw Gorilla_yo

Lol specs are off of One Drop’s Website :stuck_out_tongue:

those pics look like they were hard to take lol. Definatly one of the longest reviews. I really like the idea od using the pro and cons list not once but several times for each topic, nice. Its always great to have people tell the truth and add cons because a lot of reviews just say how great it is and you cant really tell a lot about the yoyo