dingo54 Blasting and polishing service

Im Now doing beadblast service orders. I will be using a very fine grit bead to create a very smooth blast. I currently only have aggressive beads that work, but end up pretty rough. I have a 50pound bag of the right beads the should be here in the next week or so. Keep in mind I don’t have the supplies yet. But remember this is the aggressive beads so I won’t actually be using this type of bead, and the finish wont be so rough.

If you are interested In Having a throw blasted pm me and we will work out a price!

To be more clear, I will take orders right now, but they will not be fulfilled yet unless you want the aggresive beads, which is rough, but has a sparkle to it.

Polishes will be priced according to how much of the yoyo you want done, and what yoyo it is.

Cool. I like the sparkle!

Yeah, I wish I could get the cool sparkle with the grinds, guess it has to be one or the other :-\

Yup, I like the gray a little better. Like Mullicabob does, lighting gray.

For me it’s more of the color, and the feel of course but the color that light gray is so attractive! Lol.

Yeah thats what mine will be, I had my uncle order the finest grit he has.

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Exactly how “rough” is the sparkle you have on that DV888??

I mean is it outright ROUGH. Or just a little coarse!

Just a wee bit course, it can still grind, it wont cut you or anything. Like 300 grit sandpaper or so

Polish!!! You have IPhone IPod touch??

You also had string on your finger?

Its my iphone and yeah I just unscrewed it as I was playing to take the pic real quick, didn’t even take off the string.

A photo tip, don’t put your finger on it while taking the pic.

It’s also best outside because the polish shines!!

Ill take some outdoor pics tomorrow if I have time, and I was too lazy to put it so it wouldnt roll so I just put my finger there.

Dang, that polish is looking pretty sweet!

Thanks, pretty cool coming from you! Not as good as yours though… yet! Haha ill need a bit of more practice

I like the beadblast

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That blast is way too rough. Everyone must start somewhere though. Best wishes to you.

He said he only had those rough beads.

He has low soft beads coming in the mail.

Hey dingo just wondering how it’s going?

I have the beads but I didn’t have time to pick them up from my uncle who lives 20 mins away, and Im at my dads, so I must wait till sunday to start. Also, I made another thread which is what I will be using. SO mods delete/lock this if needed, and please don’t post here.