dingo54's mods

Beadblasting/Sodablasting should be coming soon!

I had a delay, so no pics of that yet. BUT, I have been polishing a lot. If anyone would like to see my work, it’s here (The essence isn’t too great, but it was my first job. I am working on a dv888 and will post pics later):

COntact me if interested in a polish.

Most people would want to see pictures of your work before deciding if they would be interested

Yeah I will be doing a few for myself tomorrow so I will try and get pics of 2-3 then.

are you going to try your Majesty :wink:

You should soda blast cause I don’t like to.

Sorry for foggy pics, its my iphone. Just finsihed half, havent even cleaned up my hands :wink: It will get better and shinier tomorrow, just ran out of scratch remover.

ANother update, got more supplies. The essence is know amazing. The spinning pic is blurry because like I said, its just an iphone camera. The rest are good but there is always glare, which I guess proves its shiny :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll start to soda blast if you give me all your supplies to do so! :wink: or just PM me and tell me the materials I’ll need.

Ive got it at the ready, just something going on. My dads cousin actually sells media I found out, how convenient!

I surprised myself with how good this is! It can’t get any better than this IMO