Hey guys I’m looking to mirror polish my Burnside. Anyone who can do that? And I’d really like a true mirror polish not just raw. Uhm I have some stuff to trade aswell as money. I you can do mirror polishes, pm and tell me how much it’ll cost. Thanks guys!!!

Pm yoyospirit…he’s the best at it

Alright, thanks!


Really what?

He really is the best.


Based on pics?

Dude chill! In my opinion he is the best. Its not really a comptetiion. As a nodded I would expect you to know that

Sorry. Can’t say I know what “nodded” is.

Children…modder is what I meant(autocorrect) but I can say your barely even that. Yoyospirit is the best, that’s my opinion

Ey ey. Stop fighting, honestly guys come on how old are we.

Go with who you think is the best. All of these modders have pics of what they do, so if I were you I would take a look at the modder’s pics and then decide based upon whose job you like the best.

I would highly recommend yoyospirit!

I know what you ment. Modder is a loose term and if you think pushing a pointy axle out the side of something is big time then wake me when we get there.

Children? 5/72

Umm, I’m not offended at all :stuck_out_tongue: And check my sig, I do a lot of mods.

Just because some people prefer yoyospirit’s work to yours does not mean you must get defensive and start downplaying what other modders do. I have seen your work and I think it is awesome, your powdercoats are really something and look spectacular. On the same token I have seen yoyospirit’s mirror polish and it really is amazing. Both of you are great and this shouldn’t be about who is a better modder than who. Some people gave their opinions, that does not mean they are dissing your work, they are just saying who they prefer and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

I’m actually still pretty far from being the best polisher, I know someone who is a lot better than me, but sadly has stopped yoyoing.

Sorry yoyospirit this post was directed to mullicabob not you but I started typing before you posted. Sorry for the confusion.

Alright guys I know the two people I’m gonna go to when I need a blast, nice mirror polish or powdercoat so I’m going to remove this thread. Thanks much.

The m1 you did looks crazy cool, for some reason every time I see it I want it. All your polishes are exceptional though but for some reason I just find the m1 looks really awesome polished, especially the way you did it.