Okay everyone! I have a job to do, I am updating the List of Modders Sticky’ed thread!

This one is going to be unique, it is going to have the Modders name, a link to their profile, a description about them or their work (still pending), and what they do, and possibly prices.

If your are doing services, is like you to contact me, I don’t want you to answer any questions yet, just say “Hey, I am a modder and is like to be in that thread.”

If you decide to start doing any modding service a simple PL can get you on that list>

PLEASE CHECK THIS THREAD FOR UPDATES DAILY- (at least every few days or daily ;))

O yeah, before you go nuts and say you should ask someone or whatever- Mrcnja requested that it would be helpful if someone could do this. (Check out the guy- yoyo kangaroo- who made a thread about a list of modders)

Which degraded into bickering. Thanks for making this list maddog.

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Huh?? What list?

Are you not fixing the list of modders?

Dudes, can every thread this guy makes not become an argument? I mean a lot of people find him a pain, but why dont you guys at least give him a break? I mean trying to make a sympathy thread with a sencond account is pretty sad, but seriously, it isnt that big of a deal.

How would you guys like it if people wouldnt even consider your ideas and posts that are acually trying to HELP people? Its a yoyo forum, not jersey shore.



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I’m sorry, it was just so tempting…

How about using proper grammar when at least attempting to make an official thread.

Let me point out that my comment was not intended to start an argument, I was just confused about his comment. I know that if you read it in a sarcastic or condescending manner, it could be considered rude, however, I meant for it to be read in a confused manner. That ^ comment, though… That’s just plain nasty.

Thats a bit cold… I mean hes striving to help, as i am now…

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