I have a question for all you guys...

How do you think my polishes are compared to others? Do you think that I’ve made polished yoyos too common?

Your polishes are the best I’ve ever seen. And I don’t think you made polished yoyos to common, I have only seen a few yoyos done by you, and they seem to stay with there owners, the only one I see selling them on the bst is you. Unless I missed anyone who is selling theirs.

As they’re probably in other various topics on the forum, it would be convenient if you posted pics here. I’m sure they’re great and I would love to see your work.

Thanks for the confidence boost! And here are the polishes if you want to see them.
Aoda Perfect Storm and YYF Supernova
STYY Quark
One Drop M1
YYF 2.0


Dude you are pro. PLEASE do more work you are incredible.


See what I mean, no one can polish like you.

Amazing Work! Since I’m no polishing expert, I have a question: If you were to use sandpaper with higher grit than the 600 you use, like 1000 grit, does it polish the yoyo more, or would it look the same?

You should make mirrors. Im dead serious.

Can I pay you to do this :o you are incredible

What you do is… AMAZING. What you did with the 2.0 is great! You turned it from something kind of ugly looking into looking awesome. Whatever you do, keep polishing!

Keep it up! They look awesome!!!

IMO, there’s always gonna be a market for polished yoyos.

No sensei, you must continue your work. I use your work as a goal for my own. Remember my drifter. And you helped me and told me how to do it. Your knowledge and experiences will still be needed for future modders. And for those who do not wish to get into it can send it to you and you can buy more yoyos or come up with more techniques. Who knows. You might get picked up by a company or form your own later on down the road. good modders are hard to find and those who do are revered in the yoyo world. Look at b!st. Actually when I see a mirror polish I think of your work.

Now that enough brown nosing, GET TO WORK!!! Lol ;D

Mother’s is the best. I just spent 2 days with an Albatross and got it looking great like your work. Not sure if you do it by hand as well, but that sure is a process. I definitely give it up to anyone who has the work ethic to do that more than once in a while.

I still haven’t figured out a good way to get that last bit of hairline out of aluminum. When I work with steel wristwatch cases I can do lighter pressure passes for a while to get a liquid shine, but aluminum just seems a little too soft.

The sandpaper is mostly just a way to get yourself really far along quickly. It also creates an even surface that keeps you from polishing peaks and valleys into the metal. But in terms of shine, you could even do it without sandpaper and eventually get the same result. It would just take forever since polish would be equivelant to like 30,000 grit sandpaper.

It all comes down to the grit in the polish at the end. Mother’s is a really fine grit polish and gets you about 98% of the way to perfection already. But it still has grit and that’s going to cause tiny hairlines that keep you from getting to 100% on a softer metal like aluminum.