Polished Dark Magic

Did yet another polish job for ScottRancourt a while back and just got around to posting it. Now, this DM has had quite the unfortunate life. It literally had the WORST rims I’ve ever seen on a YoyoJam, and now has quite the vibe now that the hub is disconnecting from the rest of the yoyo on one side. Nontheless I decided to help this poor little yoyo in the only way I really could, which was make it feel pretty again 8)


I swear this picture was taken 25 minutes into it, the rims were THAT gunky :stuck_out_tongue:

What did you use to polish?

Homemade polishing wheel made from a washing machine motor and miscellaneous parts.

How did you make it and what about the hub?

The hub issue is really just an irrelevant deteail about the unfortunate history of this particular yoyo. It has nothing to do with the polish job.

I wish my rims on my DM looked like that! (the fully polished pic).

if those were the worst rims ever, you should see my sigma.
Awesome polish job as usual!

You ruined my sigma?

The rims were crap in the first place -.-
No, I still have it :slight_smile:

its funny that you mention the hub because it finaly broke after a year of having it and i can take off the whole hub and pop it back in

Can we smash it and salvage the rims?