Mirror Polished DMII

I went down to the basement with my DM2 and came back up with this;

On another note I accidentally slammed it into a metal bar when I was waiting for my computer to load. Now one side is smooth (Always been) and the other is vibey. I think the metal rim might be off center but I’m not sure. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to get a new one?

Looks like it’s factory new!

Anyhow, what’s the damage? Picture?

Also, how did you polish it? Maybe your method of polishing did something negative? Maybe you bent the axle or something like that, in which case order a new axle and keep on throwing.

Then again, I could be wrong.

Actually It wasn’t the polishing,

You could try tuning the yoyo, you would have to search for it in the help/recomendation section but it is there to show you how to do it.

I probably should have stated I fixed it…

On yet another note my bearing broke and was wondering what I should get as a replacement.

the crucial v2 grooved bearings are amazing! way better than a konkave and its the price of a center trak!

Since you fixed it, what was the problem? I’m just curious.

But as far as bearings, I really like the Terrapin X Bearings. I’m waiting for my latest YYE “self indulgence” package to arrive, and once I inventory that sucker, I’m going to be ordering more bearings. The Chrome X are flat and good and super affordable at I think $7.50 each. I personally like the Wing cut bearings(slight concave, very slight), which are $10 each. I’m planning on buying enough to deal with most of my yoyos. That should be in a few weeks.

Also, not sure if he’s still doing it, but orders above a certain dollar value, he includes this awesome bearingized dice. Even if you don’t use it, it looks way cool. The guy is super nice and fast to answer questions. He’s probably also including Hamstrings with the purchase of certain bearings. But I don’t know what his bonus offers are at the moment, so you’ll have to check the site. He’s also active here on this forum.

Just got to Ebay and put in Terrapin X for the search terms, you’ll find it easy.

Also, I hear mixed things about the One Drop 10-ball. But, going by what people say who like it, they REALLY like it. I’ve heard of some people having problems with it, but I can’t figure out why they are saying this. Or, you can play it safe and just order a new YYJ C-sized SPEC bearing.

I honestly don’t know. I re-polished it for the heck of it (Just 10000 grit polish) and it stopped vibing. I also heard on another forum just to go to a hobby shop and get a bearing there. Is this wise? Also as I was thinking about Terrapin bearings which one is best? (price : Quality Ratio)

You could do that. I would just order a Center Trac or YYE bearing. If you do get it from the hobby shop, the dimensions are .250 x .500 x .187 In

Are they good quality?

Probably the same quality as the ones that come with YYJs. Not stainless steel but works fine.

I know the guy who sells the Terrapin X bearings should be talking, but I guess talking from experience is good enough.

The Chrome X costs like $7.50. Standard stainless steel flat bearing in multiple sizes. It’s chrome treated, so I’m not sure if it’s chromed inside or not. But, a little plus is his bearings are sold “broken in” and theoretically never need lube so you can just run them dry forever. A great bearing, no question about it.

However, for $10, you can get his Wing Cut bearings, which look the same except for a VERY slight concave. I mean, my eyes aren’t the greatest, but if you put a card or something over them, you can see the slight dip. It’s like JUST enough to help keep the string centered but not enough to really cause string the bunch up in more complex tricks.

I currently have 2 of each. I like the Wing cut better. I’m going to decide what I like best of the new stuff coming in and then swap out bearings. All I know is I’ll be getitng some more Hamstrings and another bearingized die from him. PLUS, I owe him a few bucks from another project so I look forward to taking care of that issue as well.

Cool. Now, what do you think of the polish?

What, the polish job you put on your DM2?

Looks like you just got it right out of the box and took a photo of it!

Looks so pretty. Just polish it every once and a while and it’ll look mega cool all the time. :smiley:

I agree. That bearing is AMAZING. Easily my favorite.

No. Too shiny.

That looks awesome!!

Studio, have you seen a DM2? The aluminum is dull lol. But this one looks great! Also I very much recommend the 10 ball or crucial v2 grooved. Both amazing. Try and both:)

That’s my X-Convicts. I sanded it (By hand.) then took some steel wool and used soapy water.

Also I don’t think Studio 42 meant that literally he meant it as a complement I think.