dark magic 2 performance mod?

i offered my brother to get him a better yoyo he doesnt want to he loves the dark magic 2 he just wants to.know some not neccesarily mods but improvements other than replacing the stock bearing with a dif e yo konkave one any help?

You can replace the bearing, but many people (myself included) prefer flat bearings. A konkave may or may not be an improvement.

He might find pads or a bearing that he prefers more, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort. The DM2 is great the way it is. Just make sure he’s stocked on string and the pads aren’t worn out.

It’s kinda refreshing to hear about someone who loves the yo-yo they’ve got and aren’t constantly chasing after the next new release. Maybe he’ll actually learn some new tricks!

The stock bearing in a DM2 is a slim bearing. The YYJ Speed Bearing is the logical upgrade.

Feel free to try other bearings, but try cleaning the Speed Bearing first. That might help. That and lots of practice. I found those two things gave me a huge performance boost with the DM2.

Does YoYoJam not include both anymore?

It does…

As for advice… There’s not really anything you can do to mod the dark magic 2 to play significantly better… Is the dm2 the only unresponsive yoyo he’s used? If it is, give him some of your throws to try out and see if he likes any of them better. If he still likes the dm2 the most, maybe he could try getting a trinity or H3X, which are based off the design of the dm2, the H3X branches off a little more to match more modern throws a bit but it still has a similar shape. The Trinity will play more like the dm2 though.

If he is deadset on just using the dm2, the best he can do is replace pads and bearings… For pads you’ll probably want to try irpads or maybe something cheaper, yyf’s premium pads(not the standard). As for bearings, give him one of your concave or groove bearings along with a flat 10-ball bearing to compare and see what he likes best, concave and/or grooved bearings or flat bearings… If he likes flat bearings, he’ll probably want to try a terrapin bearing. If he likes grooved and/or concaved bearings, the buddha ripple bearing is definitely the way to go, basically a cheaper trifecta bearing, 10-ball, concave, and grooved.

and a pair of shinwoo lights that is the best mod i did to mine PERIOD! and i am not kidding it is hands down the best :slight_smile:

What, in particular do you think needs fixing?

The last DM2 I bought was in January I think, of 2013. It came with both. I got my wife a pink DM2 in June of 2012, it came with both.

I bought my first DM2 in May of 2011, it came with both.

A black one I bought used came with both as the guy still had both. A white one I bought at CalStates just had a C bearing in it, but that was bought new with both bearings. I’ve also recently bought an SFX and it came with both bearings.

I’m positive the DM2 when new still ships with both bearings. I’ll be getting a white one soon to complete my “wants” colors. I may buy this one used though to save money. I don’t need more slim bearings!

If you have extra bearings im open!!