What do you recommend I do to mod a Dark Magic 2?

Okay I just bought a Dark Magic 2 and it should be here by the end of the week. Is there anything I should do to mod it?

Adding a full size C bearing is all you need to do in order to make it unresponsive after breaking in the response and bearing

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what do you mean a full size C bearing? It comes with the narrow bearing and the yoyojam speed bearing. Please specify it would be very helpful

I meant to just swap out the narrow bearing for the speed bearing

Should be all you need to do

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Alright thanks :slight_smile:

Quite frankly I’m always amazed at people who ask how to mod a given yoyo before they even know how it plays, what they might perceive it’s shortcomings are, or areas that they perceive need improvement etc.

Lately, yes, this has been the trend.

The best mod most people can do is work hard to improve their throw. Period. Not to go in a mini-rant, but I’ve noticed a trend with the latest batch of throwers who really feel a different yoyo or bearing or modification is going to be the “fix” they need to over-come a bad throw or poor skills. Patience appears to be a lost or dying trait. Then again, it goes with the general age of most new players, since they tend to have shorter attention spans and want quick fixes at that age.

I have a lot of yoyos. NONE of them have by default made me a better player. Some have revealed weaknesses in my throw, forcing me to be more consistent and straighter. Some have shown me accuracy issues. Some have shown me areas that need improvement as well. Some just really click with me, but then with 2.5 years throwing experience, it’s gonna happen now and then.

My advice for now is the only modifications most new throwers need are as follows:
Flowable silicone vs. Monkey Snot vs pre-made pad
Choice of bearings, as well as choice of how to clean and lube(or not) that bearing.

After that, the biggest thing to concentrate on is the throw itself to get started. It just takes time to develop a good, strong, straight throw. For that, and for now, any good quality yoyo is gonna do the job just fine.

Even more when they buy a yoyo and ask If its any good.

I’m so lame… I’ve not liked the DMII since day one. Had no idea that the bearing that came installed was narrow. Now I’ve got to give it some throw time to make up for my past mistake. I’m my own worst enemy.

I can certainly see how that would skew your perception of this yoyo!

Did you buy it new? If so, it had the wide bearing in the package. If used, I would be a little surprised if it shipped with the slim bearing and not the wide bearing in the yoyo.

Depending on the color and condition, if you don’t like it, hit me up. I’m looking for a white one, and the bearing doesn’t matter.