Dark Magic II vs other yoyos

A few months ago my Dark Magic II went missing. I have been trying to decided whether to get a replacement Dark Magic II or should get some other yoyo. Any suggestions? All input is appreciated.

are you willing to spend a little more? i have two $65 dollar yoyos you might want to try. one is the c3capless. the other is the yyf boss. they both play fast and have nice rim weightings. otherwise, i suggest you get the cool looking editions of the dm2, the half life or the black spade editions. ( the half life looks cooler in my opinion) hope i helped

If you loved your DM that much, it wouldn’t be a bad idea picking up another. Nice thing is that if you did find your original DM, you would then have a pair for if you ever wanted to get into 3A.

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I’d buy a second DM2. In defense of that statement, I really like this yoyo. I look on BST for used ones to show up and if I like the price and condition, I get them. I’ll stop doing this once I get the colors I want to have.

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I’d also suggest buying a second DM2. I already have 2 that I use for 5a, (YYE edition with caps and black without caps), and I’m going to try to pick up a pink one at some point to make a 3A pair with the black one.

Dark Magic 2s are amazing for learning on - it may not be the best contest YoYo but it’ll take you through all the tutorials on this site and beyond.

Also, out of curiosity, have you been throwing at all since you lost the YoYo?

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If you really liked the DMII it might be worth getting another one. Personally I’m not much of a fan of it. I much prefer YYJ SpinFaktor X which is around the same price range. I also like the X-Con Professional which is quite different from the previous two mentioned being that it’s undersized. The Vexed also looks great though I’ve yet to actually play it.

If you’re also open to other brands my favorite yoyo around that price range is the God-Tricks Destiny. Completely different to the DMII. Smaller and faster with a much more modern shape.

I also like the Shinwoo Zen 6 and of course the YYF ProtoStar/NorthStar/StarLite are very popular with good reason.

I have been using my father’s Hitman Professional to practice ever since I lost the DMII. The thing that I don’t like is that it doesn’t sleep as long.

Clean the bearing and it will sleep just as long.

I have both.

I’ve cleaned the bearing many times following all instructions. What I don’t understand is that each time it only seems to sleep less. Is there a way to fix this too?

How are you cleaning the bearing? Are you removing the shields first?

How are you lubing the bearing? Are you lubing the bearing? Some people like to run their bearings dry. Less is more, aways. More is bad. When lubing a non-shielded bearing, a drop is way, way, way too much!

We all have to learn this sometime. Better sooner than later.

I have no issue cleaning bearings. If I get bad spin times, there is usually something wrong with the bearing.

I usually put a drop or two of thin lube before putting the shields back on. Is that too much? If so how much lube am supposed to put on?